The William C. Earhart Company, Inc, a third party administrator (TPA) of employee benefits, has been a leader in the benefits industry since inception. Headed by Bill Earhart for 39 years the company has successfully transitioned to second generation leadership, and is well on its way to establishing the continued commitment to excellence in service and knowledge within the family’s third generation employees. Earhart employees are dedicated professionals whose expertise ranges from health claim and pension adjudication through accounting, information technology, and financial administration. Our employees are supported by state of the art data and information processing capabilities. Custom designed applications are in place, utilizing Sun, Intel, and Microsoft computer systems and software.


     In 1951, while working for Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, Mr. Earhart sold a group health insurance medical plan to a jointly negotiated, labor – management group. A fairly new piece of legislation known as the Taft Hartley Act of 1947 was in effect, requiring that monies received by the group be held in Trust. Pacific Mutual’s position was…`You sold it, you administer it. `. Three years later, a group of Labor – Management Trusts hired Bill to become their salaried administrator.

     In April 1960, Bill founded the William C. Earhart Company, an early entry into Third-Party Administration business. Recognizing the need to keep current on industry practices and legislation, Bill became active in an organization now known as the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. Active in that organization for over forty years, he was a four – time member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, served on numerous committees, and spoke frequently at the New Trustees Institutes around the country. Mr. Earhart, a graduate of Princeton University, earned his Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) certification in 1982.



     Our current President and CEO, Ms. Sutton joined the Company in 1968. A twelve year progression through all phases of the Company’s operations, from filing and mail room duties through management of the Pension Department, culminated in 1980 when she left her bargaining unit position to become Vice President. Ms. Sutton moved into the Chief Executive Officer position upon Mr. Earhart’s retirement in 1999. Ms. Sutton’s numerous accomplishments include her CEBS certification in 1982. Ms. Sutton and Mr. Earhart were the first father-daughter duo to receive this designation. Ms. Sutton has served twice on the Board of Directors of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, and served as Chair in 2001. Ms. Sutton has been very active in the Society of Professional Administrators, serving on its Board of Directors and as Chair in 1997.


     Ms. Gladstone, Senior Vice President, began working for the company in 1966 and after leaving to be a stay at home parent for several years, returned in 1980 and has served in many capacities. Ms. Gladstone is also the individual primarily responsible for administration of several defined benefit pension plans and all multi-employer defined contribution plans. Ms. Gladstone has been a board member and President of the Northwest Association of Administrators and is currently a Board member and past Chair of the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators.


     Our goal is to make your job easier, by keeping informed of industry and legislative developments. This is critical to our continued success in the TPA field. Our affiliation with many different organizations ensures that we continually have the knowledge to provide high quality benefit administration services. We are active in the following professional organizations and have served as committee members, board members, presidents, speakers, and discussion leaders:

Society of Professional Benefit Administrators
     An organization founded in 1975 specifically by and for independent Third Party Administration firms. The Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA) is an association of peers working together for the common good of the employee benefits community.

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
     The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plan provides benefits education and information to its members who are active in the employee benefits field.

Northwest Association of Administrators
     An organization of administrators of employee benefit plans in the Northwest who hold educational meetings for all professionals within the employee benefit industry.


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