Internal Administration Of Employee Benefit Plans Can Be Frustrating and Costly

If you're like most people, you find the administration of employee benefit plans to be complex, time consuming, expensive, and often less than satisfactory.

   Little wonder. It's a highly specialized field requiring the services of seasoned professionals who can efficiently and creatively serve your needs for experience in administrative and reporting procedures, coupled with...

  • Familiarity with the many options in plan selection and implementation
  • The knowledge to help you develop the most workable, most productive program
  • In-depth understanding of rules and regulations
  • Prudent adjudication of benefits
  • Detailed, accurate processing
  • Timely processing and production of reports
  • Clear, confident communication with beneficiaries to assure their understanding of and satisfaction with your plan
  • Fail-proof record keeping and strict security

Your Needs are Our Expertise

   Your needs exactly reflect the expertise of the William C. Earhart Company. We've been serving clients, large and small, for more than forty years. Our experience covers all aspects of health and welfare and pension plan administration - single employer as well as multi-employer plans, from small plans with fewer than 20 participants to those approaching 100,000 participants.

   In-place security systems provide both physical and cyber security. Only those persons assigned to your account, and with knowledge of your client code, can access your files. Files are backed up on a daily basis using the latest technology available and securely stored off-site.

You Can Tailor Our Services To All Or Part Of Your Employee Benefits Program

    The William C. Earhart Company's counsel and services are available to you through every phase of employee benefit plan management from concept to implementation and administration. Our services can run from total administration to record keeping only. 


Our staff administers all types of scheduled and unscheduled medical, dental, vision, audio, short term disability     and prescription drug plans. In addition, we service plans requiring     pre-admission screening, second surgical opinion, outpatient     surgery and other cost containment options, plus the common choices     between or among indemnity carriers and Health Maintenance Organizations     as well as Preferred Provider Organizations.


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